How Las Vegas SEO Professionals Go Beyond Google in their Optimization Efforts

Anyone mentioning search engines will immediately make you think that you need to Google it. That is how popular this big search engine has become. In fact, Google currently dominates the search engine industry with a whopping 60% market share.

But what are Las Vegas SEO experts take on it? Let’s find out.

Look no further than Las Vegas Moving Mountains.

They believe that one should look beyond Google seeing that around 33% or more of searchers are making use of alternative search engines. Besides, alternative sources keep pushing for their piece of the pie.

According to a reputed SEO Agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, thinking beyond Google will be imperative if you want to be successful during 2016, and beyond.

How Does Bing Contribute to Search Engine Growth?

As Google’s largest competitor, Bing obtained a market share of 20% among all the search engines during 2015 so far.  Coincidentally, their growth aligns with the 3% drop Google experienced during the latter half of 2014.

What is Bing’s Secret?

They are busy counteracting the simplistic design by Google with a more visually rich user experience. Also, they feature a trending bar that runs across the bottom of the page that would then quickly move to the top once users key in their query. This is very similar in nature to what Twitter and Facebook are doing.

On top of that, Bing also rewards researchers by offering a gift card for every search conducted.

How Does Bing and Other Search Engines’ Growth Have an Impact on SEO?

There is no mistaken that Bing is working very hard at coming in close as the top search engine that is favored by its users. Their continued efforts will ensure they experience continued growth over the next couple of years. Online marketing professionals will be paying attention to this search engine’s effect on algorithmic updates soon.

Does Anyone Pay Attention to Mobile Search Engines Like Apple?

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As one SEO consultant who has the privilege of working with Moving Mountains Advisors has said, search engines like Bing and Google are no longer just competing against one another. Recently, Apple released its very own improved search feature in the form of an iOS 9. Now, we all now that both Google and Apple have been battling for years to steal the limelight on a technological level. In fact, the showdown began about two years ago and is nowhere near conclusion. As it stands, it appears that search is the new frontier between these two giants. Get this, the search feature as provided by Apple lets users look for content within apps that have not even been installed.

You may reason, that it hardly presents a threat to Google or Bing as it utilizes apps rather than websites. But, does it matter to users how they get the information they need? Who cares where the info you require come from? Only time will tell who comes out tops.

Another huge concern for search engines like Google is that Facebook is also working on their search engine that will allow their users to find what they are looking for without having to leave the app. Can you begin to see that many contenders in the field of searching and locating the necessary information will have an impact on search engine optimization as we know it?

How Do Marketers Succeed with Certain SEO Strategies Beyond Google?

You may find that your head is spinning due to all this information. Even experienced SEO firms like Moving Mountains Advisors often rely on accurate information relating to all sorts of webmaster rules and Google updates to ensure their clients rank high on the Google’s platform.

How do you manage to get an SEO strategy together that will satisfy search engine alternatives like Apple, Bing, and Facebook? What is more, how do top SEO Las Vegas professionals ensure they still design a functional and user-friendly site for their prospects? Look no further than

Moving Mountains Advisors has an answer ready for you. It is simple. De-emphasize all the technical requirements. How do y’all manage to pull this off?

Here are some pointers in the right direction:

  • Stay clear from Black Hat SEO to avoid getting penalized
  • Create Mobile-friendly sites, not just for Google. Besides, a large number of customers flock to all kinds of mobile devices to conduct their search for information
  • Focus on great content without worrying about things like keyword density or how many backlinks you have on your page
  • Pay attention to what matters for particular search engines. Bing, for instance, emphasizes the importance of social media sharing while they disregard backlinks.
  • Note that SEO is doing a 360 in that is used to be science, which has now become an art best left to search engine optimization professionals like Moving Mountains Advisors.

Online marketers who are aware of these and other changes during 2016 and beyond will prosper by enlisting the services of companies who stays up to date with recent SEO changes